June 2016 Commemorative Event: Heroes and Righteous

Our commemorative event at the Bardejov Holocaust Memorial took place on Wednesday, June 15th. The event included speeches by our founder Mr. Emil A. Fish, and by Mr. Martin Choma, representing the City of Bardejov, as well as the recognition of Priest Andrej Romanesko as the 8th Righteous of Bardejov.

Local children participated with reading, singing, and a musical performance of the Hebrew song ‘ANI VE’ATA” by the famous Israeli musician Arik Einstein. The theme of the song is “you and I will change the world”. Mr. Jozef Patkaň, an independent musician from Bardejov, performed during the event as well.

The winners of the Holocaust essay contest – sponsored by the Bardejov Jewish Preservation Committee in collaboration with local teachers and the Bardejov Community Foundation and held yearly for Bardejov high school students – were also announced.

The event concluded with the very significant act of signing a Memorandum between the BJPC and UZZNO (the Central Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Slovakia) for the restoration of Beith Hamidrash.

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