The Memorial Book of Jewish Bardejov

The Memorial Book of Jewish Bardejov is a special publication by the Bardejov Jewish Preservation Committee to preserve and record Bardejov’s rich Jewish history for the future generations of our children and grandchildren.

The Memorial Book of Jewish Bardejov is a comprehensive volume featuring new scholarly and archival research as well as personal stories and family histories since the 1700s, when the Jews first arrived in Bardejov, to the present. Through stories, maps, and archival images of Jewish life, the Memorial Book of Jewish Bardejov brings Bardejov’s Jewish history back to life.

The book includes four chapters that discuss the history of Jewish Bardejov; timeline of Jewish Bardejov; list of survivors; list of Bardejovers’ oral testimonies from UC Shoah Foundation; and list of gravestones in the Bardejov Jewish Cemetery. The most important part of the book, though, is the Names Project, which includes a detailed list of families who resided in Bardejov and the surrounding villages in 1942. Each family group includes the names of the individual members, their fates, a short narrative, and photos -when available.

The Memorial Book of Jewish Bardejov was presented for the first time during the Award Dinner following the dedication ceremony on June 2014. See below for purchase/donation options.