Bardejov Today

Today, Bardejov is known primarily for its authentic old town square, which due to extensive restoration and preservation of its Medieval, Renaissance, and Gothic architecture has made Bardejov a popular tourist destination. As might be expected, tourism has become one of Bardejov’s main industries for its approximately 35,000 residents. The town draws on its rich heritage to further develop cultural traditions, such as an annual trade fair and the Roland Games (commemorating its medieval past).

In 1950, Bardejov, then part of Czechoslovakia, was declared a protected city core and extensive restoration of its cultural heritage began. These efforts culminated in Bardejov receiving the European Gold Medal by the International Board of Trustees in Hamburg in 1986—the first town in Czechoslovakia to receive the award. On November 20, 2000, Bardejov was selected by UNESCO as one of its World Heritage sites, recognized for its Jewish Suburbia and historic town center.

Visit Jewish Bardejov

If you plan a visit to Bardejov and would like to visit the Jewish cemetery, Bikur Cholim Synagogue, and the Jewish Suburbia, please contact us so that we can provide you with information regarding access (these places are locked but available to visit upon request).