Gravemarker database

We invite you to search through our gravemarker database using the following search and sort options. Scroll to the bottom of the page for more instructions.*

To view photos of the matzevahs please click here.

If you have any additional information about a record in our database, please send it to us through our Contact Form.

[pdb_list sort=”true” search=”true” fields=”private_id,number, fullname, father__mother, spouse, hebdate, hebyear, gregorian”]

*The information about graves that is posted on our website reflects the information that exists on the tombstones. Many of the tombstones have just first names and on some, unfortunately, the writing was completely erased before we started the renovation and documenting process. The purpose of the search engine is to make it easier for people searching for information about their ancestors, as previously one could only look at the photos one by one and try to see if any of their ancestors is buried there.

Searching tips

  • You may search any database field, using any portion of the information you know.  For example, if you only know that your descendant’s first name was “Jacob”, you may enter it into the “search” box, and select “Fullname” from the dropdown.  The search will then show you all records where “Jacob” is found within the name.
  • You may sort all records, or only those within your current search, by choosing one of the sort options and either “ascending” or “descending”.
  • To view the image of the tombstone, click on the number or name.  Note that the numbers are for internal reference.