Jewish Suburbia

jewishsuburbiamapThe Jewish Suburbia    

The historic Jewish quarter—Jewish Suburbia (in Slovak, židovské suburbium)—an example of Bardejov’s historic Jewish communal life, was built in the early 19th century according to Talmudic guidelines and includes:  

A Jewish slaughter house once stood nearby on the spot occupied today by a supermarket.

UNESCO included the compound in its nomination of Bardejov as a World Heritage Site due to “its cultural and historical significance.” Yet, the compound is currently occupied by a large building supply company.

While the Old Synagogue has recently been vacated and restored, Beith Hamidrash, the Mikvah, and the Suburbia grounds are still used as a warehouse and a storage place.     

The committee works with the appropriate Slovakian organizations and all interested parties towards the restoration of the Suburbia and its transformation as a cultural and educational center. We would like to see the Suburbia preserved in its entirety in recognition of, and as a memorial to, the Jewish communities that contributed to Bardejov’s social, economic, and cultural prosperity throughout its history.

 A Holocaust Memorial adjacent to the Jewish Suburbia is currently in construction, with a projected completion date of Fall 2013.

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