Bardejov’s Unique Heritage

Bardejov has some unique Jewish Heritage sites that, for a long time, went unknown to the public of Heritage Tourism.

  • Bardejov’s Jewish sites include the Jewish Suburbia – a complex of three buildings:
  • The Old Synagogue, which has been restored and open to the public since the summer of 2017;
  • Beith Hamidrash, which has been vacated and will soon be restored as well,
  • The Mikvah, which used to be a hardware store and is now empty – also to be restored in the future.
  • Additionally, Bikur Cholim Synagogue is the only synagogue that was not desecrated and that remained fully intact during the war, including its prayer books and other Jewish artifacts recently discovered in its attic. It is a unique example of a well-preserved prewar synagogue, located in the city center of Bardejov.
  • The Bardejov Holocaust Memorial is unique in its kind; dedicated in June 2014, it serves as a memorial to Bardejov’s lost Jewish community and its victims. The Memorial features fourteen large granite tablets inscribed with the names of 3392 Holocaust victims, six tablets that tell the history of Bardejov’s Jewish community, and a Star of David monument which sits atop original train tracks with the words “Never Again” etched in steel.
  • The Jewish Cemetery holds 1,288 gravestones dating from the 18th to the 20th century. The gravestones were numbered and restored in 2006 and are listed in our Grave Marker Database.

Heritage and Educational Tours

  • Commemorative Events: The Bardejov Jewish Preservation Committee has been organizing yearly commemorative events, many of which have included a heritage tour component. The events usually take place in June.
  • Tours for young adults: As expressed by Tzvi Sperber, JRoots, director: “Bardejov gives a different aspect to both our Holocaust education and our possibility to delve deeper into Jewish heritage”. The Jroots/Meor tour to Bardejov was a great success and the organizers expressed their will to return to Bardejov with more visiting groups in the future.