The Jewish Cemetery
This isolated, urban Jewish cemetery is located on a hillside directly off a public road with adjacent commercial and residential properties. A recently installed, decorative, wrought iron fence encloses 1,230 18th to 20th century gravestones. The stones are constructed from marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, and other materials, and are either finely smoothed and inscribed or carved with relief decoration. The cemetery is 2,146 feet (654 meters) of grass, gravestones, and multi-stone monuments.
Restoration: Phase 1

Prior to August 2005, the grounds were overgrown and inaccessible. Every gravestone was in disrepair. In August 2005, Phase 1 of restoration began. The Heritage Foundation for Preservation of Jewish Cemeteries (HFPJC)—acting on behalf of Emil Fish—worked in conjunction with the Central Union of Jewish Religious Communities in the Slovak Republic (UZZNO) to clear the grounds and make them accessible. Phase 1 has now been completed. From September 2005 to May 2006, the grounds were inspected twice and maintenance was deemed satisfactory.
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Restoration: Phase 2

Phase 2 has also been completed.
  • New concrete foundations were laid.
  • Many of the 1,230 stones were straightened, re-cemented, or re-erected, including some stones in the ohel.
  • The graves were catalogued.
  • Each grave was photographed.
  • The catalogue of all the headstones and individual photos of each headstone were made available on the Bardejov Jewish Preservation Committee website.
  • All this work was completed by 2008.
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In 2009 a new fence was erected around the entire perimeter of the cemetery replacing the unsightly former fence of concrete, metal, and brick. The new fence is black wrought iron and has decorative Star of David motifs in the center of each section.
Maintenance and Upkeep
According to Toby M. Grunhut, HFPJC Assistant Director, “This is extensive work with attention given to each individual stone, as befits a Jewish cemetery.” It is the goal of the Bardejov Jewish Preservation Committee to remain at the forefront of this restoration.
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